Chelsea Pastel Follows “Whiplash” With New Single “Greener”


Following a co-sign from fellow Ohio native Kid Cudi as well as the release of her previous single “Whiplash,” Chelsea Pastel (@chelsea_pastel) skillfully explores an age-old idiom about the other side of grass on “Greener.” Penned by Chelsea and produced by Castille Xavier Guy, the song highlights the hardships faced when pursuing purpose without returning to one’s origins.

Through energetic vocals and a captivating musical arrangement, “Greener” not only challenges the notion of finding something better elsewhere but also delves into the sacrifices integral to chasing a dream. Chelsea’s lyricism paints a vivid picture of the hurdles and challenges one experiences while navigating the path to success.

“It’s about always looking up, being as bright as possible in this dark world. If you adjust the brightness in your life, the grass isn’t greener on the other side and things are alright,” says the Forest City rapstress when detailing the meaning behind the colorful cut in a press statement to Medium Creative Agency.

Born and bred in Cleveland, Chelsea found her passion for music early on, which led her to enroll in the Cleveland School of Arts. After graduating, Chelsea continued to make a name for herself throughout the Midwest and beyond. Her unique sonic style, catchy hooks, and lyrical prowess have earned her the title of Cleveland’s Next Up talent.

Apart from her accolades, Chelsea is a self-taught instrumentalist who often handles her production, writing, and engineering. The Ohio outlier’s unique brand of ballads can be best classified as a fusion of Rap and Pop with a touch of Rock accented by old-school flavor.

Press play on “Greener” on your DSP of choice after the jump via Pastel Productions LLC / Vydia and expect the accompanying music video to hit YouTube soon.

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