James Worthy & Big Gipp Unleash An Authentic Sound in “Out Of Control”


Coming out of Atlanta, GA, the dynamic duo of James Worthy and Big Gipp, signed under Humble Sound Records and Sony Orchard, showcases their musical synergy with the release of “Out Of Control” music video. Produced by Ronell Sessoms and James Worthy, with engineering finesse by William Bowser, this collaboration introduces a blend of R&B and Hip-Hop that not only feels good but also reaffirms the enduring presence of real, authentic music in the industry.

The artists shared their motivation for crafting this track, stating, “We wanted to release something to the market that felt good and showed that real R&B/Hip-Hop is still here, and thriving. Also giving a different sound for our listeners at the same time.” “Out Of Control” is a testament to their commitment to delivering a unique and refreshing musical experience while staying true to the roots of their respective genres.

The song holds special significance for James Worthy and Big Gipp, representing a genuine conversation between men and women from their perspective. In a music landscape often crowded with mixed messages, “Out Of Control” stands out as a transparent narrative, bridging the gap in communication between the sexes. With standout lines like “We got love in the air, won’t you catch you some,” the track not only resonates with its melodic sound but also leaves a lasting impression with its relatable lyricism.

Fans can anticipate more from this dynamic duo as they announce the upcoming release of “Gipp N Worthy Vol 2” later this year. Additionally, James Worthy and Big Gipp are set to drop new music videos, and show dates will be unveiled in the coming months. Keep an eye on @kingjamesworthy and @gippgoodie for updates, and immerse yourself in the authentic artistry of James Worthy and Big Gipp as they continue to make waves in the music scene.

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