Producer TurnMeUpB Drops New Single “Fellen” From His Upcoming EP


Today East St. Louis producer and artist TurnMeUpB returns with a new single titled “Fellen,” deliberately misspelling “felon” with a tough of eye dialect to resonate with the street slang of his hometown of East St. Louis, Illinois. 


“Fellen, I am one. I am a felon. With the duct tape on the cover I don’t speak about it. I never been a rat. I hold my own. I spelled it like that because thats the ebonics way and I could spell it with the ‘o’ and I just thought the hook is talking street stuff and its just a bunch of felon’s getting to the money and I came across it. And it just worked.”


Stepping out from behind the boards, TurnMeUpB’s new effort is geared towards the discovery of his well-respected sound.  Continuing to make waves in the music industry with his extraordinary talent and notable collaborations, TurnMeUpB boasts an impressive resume that includes working alongside chart-topping artists like Cardi B, Dave East and Trey Songz. It also includes forming strong connections with fellow St. Louis artist, and rising female rap sensation Sexyy Red and her team. There’s no question TurnMeUpB has solidified his position as a mainstay producer on the St. Louis scene for years to come as the streets are watching for all his next moves.


“I’m always playing in the background in the shadows as a label owner and producer but I was born and raised in East St. Louis. I started off as a rapper and then once I realized I couldnt rap I made beats and started buying equipment, working little jobs. When most people were clubbing I was getting my craft together and created a studio in my momma’s basement. The rest was history, after started giving them beats out.”


TurnMeUpB eventually built a reputation for crafting innovative beats and producing tracks that resonated with audiences worldwide while also working with artists at home like BRB Loopy. His unique style and creative vision earned him recognition among the music elite of his city and beyond. 


In addition to his work with established artists, TurnMeUpB has also formed a dynamic partnership with one of the most buzzworthy female rappers in the game, Sexyy Red. Their collaborations promise to deliver groundbreaking music that pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo in the Hip-Hop game. Sexy Red’s unmatched energy and lyrical prowess combined with TurnMeUpB’s unparalleled production abilities creates a synergy that is set to dominate the music charts and captivate audiences worldwide.


TurnMeUpB is not only known for his remarkable musical contributions but also for his dedication to nurturing emerging talent like BRB Loopy. Through mentorship programs and workshops, he is helping aspiring artists and producers hone their skills and navigate the complexities of the music business and the streets of St. Louis. 


“Early on I was signed to Rap-A-Lot after J Prince called me himself.  They took me under their wing and I learned a lot. I was working on the Rap-A-Lot/Warner deal with Raw Reece, then came JR and we ended up taking a meeting with Def Jam and we worked with Trey Songz,” he said.  “Then I moved to Detroit and worked with Kevin Liles. I built a reputation with Trey, then I became independent and was putting money behind artists. So even before Loopy I was in the game and I’m trying to teach that to these younger rappers.” 


Fans and industry insiders alike eagerly anticipate TurnMeUp B’s upcoming releases, expecting nothing less than groundbreaking music that will leave a lasting impression on the music landscape.


For more information about TurnMeUpB, please visit or follow him on social media @TurnMeUpB618.

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