Jumai Releases Buzzing Debut Single “Viral”


Jumai, a rising Nigerian singer from Brooklyn who has set the R&B landscape ablaze, closes out the year with a promising new hit, properly-titled “Viral.”

Jumai’s debut was inspired by the emerging artist’s frequently viral moments outside of music on social media. The song speaks to her widespread popularity following viral moments. “Viral” is catchy, feel-good, song that has caught a lot of attention from the female demographic. Singing since childhood with gospel roots, Jumai’s debut displayed the singer’s impactful vocals, lovable personality, and so much more.

Before “Viral,” Jumai sparked attention with her must-see performance at this year’s Angela Yee Day. She maintained a buzz during this year’s New York Fashion Week with various promotion stunts. Fans for the rising star love her debut single based on the sea of fire emojis that have flooded the singer’s Instagram post in support of the song.

Jumai has been on a promo run that has generated massive influence since the song’s release. It is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the rising songbird as she prepares more new music in 2024, and, eventually, a forthcoming album, which is currently under development.

Jumai’s new song has generated over a million views on TikTok. “Viral” is available everywhere via One Nation Group.

After the listen, below. Learn more about Jumai and what’s next on social media.

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