Trent Tomlinson Hits Charts With “Leaving Comin On”

Acclaimed country music artist Trent Tomlinson returns to the airwaves with a poignant new single, “Leavin’ Coming On,” a track that delves deep into the heart of a strained relationship, signaling the silent alarms of a love that’s fading away. This new offering comes after Tomlinson’s determined push to release music on his own terms, following the closure of Lyric Street Records, the label to which he was previously signed. The track debuted high on the ITunes Country charts With his rich Missouri roots and a career that has firmly established him as a country hit-making machine without sacrificing his outlaw spirit, Trent has always resonated with fans who appreciate honest storytelling and raw emotion. In “Leavin’ Coming On,” listeners encounter a narrative that’s as classic as it is heart-wrenching – the story of a man recognizing the quiet before the storm, the stillness that signifies an impending goodbye from the one he loves Trent’s journey to this release has been as gritty and real as the songs he writes. After the end of Lyric Street Records, he took the bold step to independently fund and promote his new music, ensuring his loyal fan base would not be left waiting. His deep connection with his audience is reflected in his hands-on approach to his craft, from writing to recording to engaging with fans through the powerful platforms of social media. This latest single is a testament to Trent’s unwavering dedication to his music and his fans. It’s a piece that’s sure to resonate, with its relatable lyrics and Trent’s distinctive, heartfelt delivery. “Leavin’ Coming On” is not just a song but a story told by a man who knows what it’s like to live through the verses he sings. As Trent himself has stated, this is music that comes straight from the soul, without the constraints of labels or trends. It’s music for those who love country in its purest form, influenced by icons like Earl Thomas Conley, Vern Gosdin, and Waylon Jennings. With his latest work, Tomlinson continues to carve out a unique space in country music, one heartfelt song at a time. Tomlinson, beyond his compelling work as a solo artist, has an equally impressive resume as a songwriter. His pen is responsible for the diamond platinum hit “In Case You Didn’t Know,” a deeply felt love ballad that secured its place in the hearts of listeners and on the charts, earning diamond platinum status. Another testament to his songwriting prowess is the cleverly crafted “Damn Strait,” a tribute to country legend George Strait, recorded by Scotty McCreery, which showcases Tomlinson’s skill in paying homage to country’s finest while resonating deeply with fans across the genre “Leavin’ Coming On” is available on all major music platforms. For more information on Trent Tomlinson and his music, please contact [[email protected]].
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