Meet T the Pharaoh: The Rising Star Blending Hip-Hop, & RnB Magic


If you want to transform the way you perceive and understand sound, than look no further than Wisconsin hip hop/rap/rnb artist T the Pharaoh. He’s looking to change that very thing and by doing so he’s graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in Communications, working on engineering, and bring his inspiration of The Weeknd, Juice WRLD, an Calboy to his melodic vibes of his new single “Cyber Chase”.

Born in Camaroon, raised in Maryland and then to the Midwest, it wasn’t until he attended Lollapalooza that he believed he could be an artist. “Growing up I learned how to play a few instruments as well, but what I say really made me want to be an artist was after I went to Lollapalooza and got to see my favorite artist on stage. Made me believe I could do it.” He states.

Fast forward, he releases his newest single with a thumping 808 beat behind him. His cool smooth voice fills the song with melodic melodies and you can tell he’s talented by his on tune vocals has he rips through this song with a soulful rnb touch.

His hard work and dedication have not been without a long journey. Between school, work, and trying to intern with local and regional studios he’s also making music and working on an album and trying to reintroduce himself into the music scene. With this song though he is surely to bring an impact back to his musical demographic and touch a newer and broader audience.


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