Mozell Entertainment Group “Get Ready For The Known Unknown”


Richard Willis, Jr. CEO and owner of Mozell Entertainment Group is gearing up for his new film “Known Unknown” which is described as ” A symphony of Hip-Hop in five movements. Fame, Friendship, Fulfillment, Fear, Freedom.” with the first trailer being released, we see the buildup and anticipation of what’s to come in the first movement called “Knock”. ” The Known Unknown, through MUSIC, DRAMA, COMEDY, DANCE, GAMING, and stunning VISUALS, takes the audience on an enchanting but shocking thrill ride that enlightens, helping us to see more clearly the times we live in, the world we are creating, the communities, families, relationships, and finally, how they see us, and the courage to face how we see ourselves.” If The rest of the movie holds up to what the trailer gives us, its gonna be a VERY interesting ride.

See The Trailer Here

Richard Willis, Jr. is an award-winning Writer, having won the prestigious PEABODY AWARD (as part of a creative team) and is a 2 time EMMY AWARD nominee. An active community leader, Richard is listed in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA.

Mozell Entertainment Group is a multimedia entertainment group that specializes in conceiving, developing, pitching, and producing projects for television, film, theatre, and music. With a healthy roster led by the artist Reyn, they have tackled and conquered the industry from all angles.

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