Chicago Rapper BPE Dat Relli Prepares For A Takeover


BPE Dat Relli, a seasoned indie rapper hailing from Chicago Illinois, has been in love with music since birth which explains his passion for the true art of music. Relli grew up following the mantra of “get it how you live,” which threw him into leadership and survival mode. He chose to exit the streets and stride towards a music career. BPE Dat Relli displays an open mind and versatility allowing him not to be boxed in and has proven to thrive and make hits in any music genre. He carries an emotive stage performance that is invigorating and captivating which has led to an expanding fan base both nationally and internationally.

“I’m a natural-born leader who walks to his own beat.” 

Besides taking the industry over with his master of ceremony skills, BPE Dat Relli recently released his sneaker brand Bando Relly along with his champagne line Twerk Dat Azz Moscato. Tap in with BPE Dat Relli on all social media platforms @bpedatrelli to stay connected and hear new music.

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