Who is Detroit Barbie?


Making waves in the hip-hop world is Detroit Barbie, also known as the Turn Up Queen

Loving to dance and entertain while delivering lyrically on any beat, Living up to her name The Real Turn Up Queen because she is going to turn up the vibes every where she goes ! What makes her unique is her unfiltered style. She has hard core and iconic with a heart for music entertainment and inspiration. One of her goals is to inspire women to stick together and win . Soaring on the charts and blazing in the press Detroit Barbie hit number 25 on billboards with my first single “That Ain’t My Thot “ While going viral in all her interviews and shows . Releasing music non stop and always giving her fans something new since her first single In 2021 since then she has released several hits Buss it •2021 , That Ain’t my thot•2022, Throat • 2022, Hoochie Mama •2022, Pain •2022 along with Helluva Bitch produced by : Hella , Check l prod by : Big Hank Major influence : prod by helluva and the controversial Bonus track Cheatiana

As she continues to rise in her career new features are on the way with Gorilla Zoe and Icewear Vezzo . Making her way to the big screen in 2023 as she stars in a new Movie The Hole In Da Wall Directed by Brandon Cornett starring Jamal Woolard who is known for Notorious Movie . Keeping us entertained forevermore Barbie is ready for longevity in the industry.

Detroit Barbie’s upcoming music video release is a testament to her talent as a rapper and her dedication to the craft . Her latest work promises to be a visual and auditory treat for her fans, capturing the essence of Detroit’s vibrant hip-hop scene. We can’t wait to see what Detroit Barbie has in store for us with her latest release.

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