Kam Krzy releases a new album titled ‘Krzy Modern Life’


Born and raised in the Bay area, and heavily influenced by his family along with the daily adventures of everyday life, alternative hip-hop artist, Kam Krzy is a definite force to be reckoned with! With five years in the game, he is focused on making efficient and consistent moves in the music industry and is dedicated to setting himself apart from his peers. His decision to start his own record label, and maintain his publishing rights are just some of the way that he has committed to staying true to himself, his talent, and his artistic vision!

The music behind his mindset can be experienced through his latest project entitled, “KRZY MODERN  LIFE”, which highlights his perspective of life, from the beginning of time to the modern-day antics of life as we now know it. Kam Krzy would like to formally shout out, D.Rose, Boy. E45, Gr8tness, Till, Ricardo Scales, Haqq Shabazz, and Chris Walter, for their roles in helping with the completion of this project.

2023 holds a lot of live performances and new releases so be sure to tap in with Kam Krzy and get acquainted with the movement! You can find all of his content, as well as contact information on his website kamkrzy.com. Don’t get left in the dust, because this artists certainly will not disappoint!


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