Buffalo, NY’s Del Haze Unleashes Menacing Declaration In “Who Am I?” (Single)


“Who Am I?” (off the new ‘Veteran’ LP) is not your average let me introduce myself record. Rather, it’s minutes of menacing bars that depict Del Haze’s ghetto come up to who he is now, His harsh lyrical deliverance is intimidating but necessary to understand just who he is. Some coin Del Haze as Vorhees off the Hennessy. Either way, one thing is for certain, after pressing play his inner G will be both respected and feared.

A gritty backdrop encompasses the rawness spewed by Del Haze and emphasizes the theme of the record. Stream “Who Am I?” and connect with the vetted Buffalo, NY Hip Hop artist below.


‘Veteran’ album on Apple Music


Instagram: @therealdelhaze

Facebook: Del Haze

Twitter: @therealdelhaze

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