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Seasoned singer songwriter, Atara blends pop genres with Rock N Roll on new EP “Songs For The Ladies, But Fellas Listen Closely”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Although it may not enjoy the lion’s share of mainstream airplay these days, Rock N Roll is still alive and relevant. Young musicians continue to listen to Rock and learn new instruments by playing along with their favorite Rock music. Rock N Roll front woman, Atara knows that Rock still survives. An experienced live performer and studio musician, she has worked with Steve Vai, Tiffany, The Sweet, INXS, Steven Adler and many others as a backup singer and session singer.

This year, Atara decided to record songs that she has written over the years that weren’t suited for her harder rock bands. Her new EP, “Songs For The Ladies, But Fellas Listen Closely” has more of a Pop sound with a little Rock flavor. “They all have a bit of that Rock N Roll essence in there,” Atara said. “That’s what I’m trying to carry forward. I don’t want that genre to die.” Recorded in Los Angeles, all the songs were put together by Atara and her producer, Ron Geffen.

Amassing hundreds of thousands of streams online, her song, “Light A Match (Set Me On Fire)” seems to resonate with listeners who probably haven’t heard anything like it for a while. It’s a knockout fast paced gritty Rock N Roll throwback to 80s hair metal featuring loud and proud vocals. The drums pound thunder and the electric guitar rides the wave of the same chord progression to keep the song moving.

Atara loves experimenting with many different genres. The EP opens with “Love We Go Round,” a Disco Pop dance track with Atara giving off mad Prince vibes in the higher register vocals, while “Over and Done” is a ballad about Atara’s trials and tribulations with the music industry. The EP also contains a feel good female powered Pop anthem called “This Thing Called Life.” Its catchy Pop sound and vintage throwback to the 20s Jazz style with trumpets and stylized vocals have garnered the song plenty of attention.

While her biggest influences as a singer would include Heart, Guns N Roses, and Led Zeppelin, Atara loves all types of music. In 2017, she released cover versions of “Wuthering Heights” and “Waiting for Darkness” to attract more attention to her solo career. She has participated in weekly jam nights with different musical themes every week. Rising to the challenge of spontaneously delivering songs in the company of very professional musicians with a high level of musicality influenced her to experiment with different genres. For her new EP, Atara intentionally pushed herself to go in a different direction.

Besides releasing her own music and making plans for a new music video, Atara keeps busy with several different projects she has in the works. She collaborates with a friend on a venture called Kodiac Zodiac, and she is working on songs for a new album with the Los Angeles based rock band, Plastic Rhino.

While some may believe that Rock N Roll has no chance to survive, Atara believes that mindset is what is killing different genres of music. “If you like a certain style of music, you shouldn’t let it die,” she said. “You should continue to support it and look for indie bands that are still rocking out there. Call your radio stations and tell them you want Rock N Roll music!”

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“Songs For The Ladies, But Fellas Listen Closely”

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