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Following his smash album, Keepers of the Lost Art and his highly acclaimed EP, Modern Artillery, underground staple and lyrical assassin Shabaam Sahdeeq fuses hip hop with the world of art in his new video “GMR” (Grown Man Rap), the J57-produced single off of his new album Timeless: of The Collection, which is a four part series of albums coming up. In an interview with Respect Magazine, Shabaam explains more about the single’s video:

“It’s a special video,” he says. “I shot it right after Sean Price died, and right before I moved out of New York City to Atlanta with my family. It was a bitter sweet time. It was shot by my boy Rhugid Lee that I ran into in Manhattan years after being in prison together. We always said when we get out that we are going to pursue our dreams in different areas – his being film and mine being music and art. We combined the two and did something real special. I told him about the concept my manager Big P came up with to be painting as I moved through the city – even in the middle of traffic and Lee helped me pull it off. I was doing a Sean Price memorial painting that I finished by the end of the video – which was later gifted to Sean Price’s wife Bernadette. It’s probably not the illest one she received, but it came from the heart.”

Timeless: of The Collection drops early 2016.


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