@sidthe3rd – “The Love Inside”



For the last 15+ years Sid Wilson has been a member of the Grammy award winning band Slipknot, but the last few years, his love for hip-hop and turntablism has driven him to tour the globe as DJ Starscream (you may not recognize him considering he spends the majority of his working day with a gas-mask on).

Love for this culture is all we ask for. Over a few decades we’ve witnessed artists venture into multiple facets of hip-hop, and when it’s done with true passion and respectable levels of talent there’s no such thing as “going wrong.” “The Love Inside” takes us past the dinner and movie dates, into the real physical euphoria – that’s much more engaging. Let’s be honest. A sonic bi-polar visual is painted, reminding us that this type of love never dies.

Though writing rhymes since the age of nine, this is just the start of DJ Starscream’s new chapter as an emcee. Recently securing a position with one of hip-hop’s latest fine tuned collectives The IV League (alongside Ras Kass and company), he places emceeing equal on the meter as he does turtablism and other elements he has selflessly embraced over the years.

Atari Blitzkrieg and Sid concretely canvased the production credits with careful balance – offering mild head nodding verses and an energetic, rather nostalgic hook (hence the sonic bi-polar coaster mentioned). The shift is pleasant and not shocking if you know the personality you’re tuned into. With years of predominantly high energy levels and moving crowds, it’s only right. A flush sample of Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours” is spread lovely, locking in even more insurance with hip-hop junkies.

DJ Starscream’s forthcoming album, Sexcapades of the Hopeless Robotic, will be released in 2016.


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