Phone Tap with @ywestwood


Affectionately known as “Mr Calizona”,  Yog Westwood is a very seasoned artist who initially embarked upon his musical journey as a boy. At first, rapping was just a past time for the young man; however, constant compliments and demands from listeners spawned him to become serious. His sound is unlike any other artist who preceded him and can be described precisely in three words- real, raw, and relevant. It’s a West Coast sound with a twist of 2014. “What sets me apart from others is the sound…I sound like no one else,” he said. His now has a video to his new single, “I’m On,” which is directed by Irin Daniels for Marmera Films for the upcoming album I’m Him I speak with Yog about music, family and the West Coast on this episode of Phone Tap.


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