Detroit Rapper Dee Havior’s Lyrical Potency Shines In “Free” (Video)


Detroit rapper Dee Havior slays with potent lyrical performance in his new video “Free.” The intro, revolutionary based sets the theme and tone of the record while Dee Havior overlooks his city.

Striking bass and drums encircle Dee Havior’s introspective canvas that depicts what being free is for him. In a perfect world, he wouldn’t be surrounded by stereotypes, rather he would be presented with countless opportunities. Instead of hate and violence, he would embrace unity within his communities.  A catchy, hopeful hook vibrates throughout the video and emphasizes the powerful deliverance by Dee Havior. Stream “Free” and connect below.


Instagram: @deehavior

Twitter: @deehavior & @zonedgod

TikTok: @deehavior1

Fb musician page:

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