Lish 2X Releases New Single Called Principles and Hip-Hop Craves Something New @Lish2x_


Lish 2X brings an unique flavor to music and fashion by mixing the arts of ballet & hip-hop in her new project. And, hip-hop fans are craving something different! They need it! Her new single “Principles,” signals a need for feminine refinement of its portrayal of women in the music industry. “If I have to feed the truth to you through these hip hop words, I’ll be content walking around this earth… Principles,” exclaims Lish 2x. She continues, “Being feminine is my way of thanking God for making me a woman.”

This video is anything but the jaded monotonous norms of female rap and the song itself speak volumes to the journey throughout womanhood that many neglect to address.
Available for streaming on all platforms!:

Lish 2X – PRINCIPLES (available on all streaming platforms):

Lish 2X – Principles (Apple Music)

Lish 2X – Principles (Spotify)

Lish 2X – Principles (Tidal)

Lish 2X – Principles (YT Music)

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