They Can’t Get You Verified. Stop Believing The Scammer



When is scamming people on social media going to end? Who do these people think they are? They’re nobodies pretending to be somebodies.

Let’s get right to it. Verification is an HTML code that is programmed into the JSquery of a websites source page. Yes, you can find it in the google developer tools. No website on earth allows non-employees to access their websites HTML

People like this @LMFAO person on social media claiming to verify people on IG and then admitting he was banned … hmmm wonder why? have made it so real verified people have to deal with the general public thinking that badge is easily accessed and nothing to do with accolades.

You can get verified 3 ways. Buy or steal an account or build a career that s searchable on google and fits the algorithm of the platform you wish to be verified on.

Stop believing your wack broke homie who sits on social media claiming he can get you verified, what he will get you is embarrassment when your badge is revoked or account suspended, because he is a scammer who steals from people with dream, and  a lot of people don’t want to be anything and to take money from people who believe in themselves is the most disgusting low down dirty shameful thing next to a pedophile.

@Lmfao on telegram is trash and if you see him know what he is. A  Scammer


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