Video: Big Leto X LB “15 Cent”


Known professionally as Big Leto, this rising performing artist who has been taking the mixtape scene by storm since 2008 now sets his sights on a greater visibility which will do wonders for not only his brand but his music output.Hailing from the legendary Polo Grounds in Harlem, Big Leto has called the Woodside section of Queens’s home in recent years.  Alongside his Double Life Click, he has released the self-titled compilation and now is steadfast in putting the final touches on anticipated projects Unforgiving and Unforgettable 2.  

His partner LB is considered one of the more entertaining faces on the scene, Double Life Click’s LB has wore the hats of hype-man as well as recording artist throughout his tenure in the music business.  Contributing to the culture of Hip Hop for over 2 decades, he is a product of the essence of one the genre and music embody.  A Brooklyn, NY native his resume includes collaborating with legendary entities the likes of Nice N Smooth, Mr. Cheeks, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Special Ed, and of course his brother and label-mate Big Leto. Currently working on the Double Life Click compilation, LB continues to be an intricate part of the overall functionality of the Double Life Click brand as well as Big Leto‘s biggest supporter. 

“As a group, we are unstoppable. “
Check out their latest visual, 15 Cents
– LB


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