Journalists Cynthia Horner & Darryl James Pin Book “Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud”


Award-Winning Writers Cynthia Horner & Darryl James Release Book on celebrity relationship issues“Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud” featuring Queen Latifah, Fantasia, Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Preachers of L.A.’s Myesha Chaney and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Masika Kalysha

cynthiaIn Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud, Black female celebrities talk about finding and/or maintaining love while living a public life. Editor-In-Chief and Publisher Cynthia Horner teams with author and publisher Darryl James to ask the difficult questions of Black women who face certain challenges while pursuing their love lives under the microscope of the public eye.

Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud is an anthology of modern relationship discussions, examining the relationship perspectives of famous Black Women, including Queen Latifah, Fantasia, Keysia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Myesha Chaney (Preachers of LA), Masika Kalysha (Love & Hip Hop) and more.

According to James, “we always hear about the really crazy side of darryl-jamesrelationships when it comes to Black female celebrities. I wanted to talk to some of them and get their real perspective on love and relationships.”

“I think that this is an important project because so many Black female celebrities are marginalized,” said Horner. “They need to have a voice to speak to the young women who only see them in their job as celebrities.”

That voice is delivered in the form of Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud from Horner and James, two entertainment industry veteran writers.

Who leads? Who makes more money? How do Black Men view Black female celebrities? What are the challenges Black female celebrities face in love? What about children? These are the issues Black female celebrities face–issues that are reflected by the average Black Woman.

Through his writing and his work as a relationship coach, Darryl divasJames, who founded Rap Sheet in 1992, has given balance to the relationship discussion landscape and has been researching and writing about Black Love for more than ten years. Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud is an extension of that work.

Cynthia Horner has been a strong presence in entertainment media since the 1980s. As a Black woman, she has a desire to present perspectives from Black female celebrities that have yet to be seen. Those perspectives will be showcased in her alliance with Darryl James.

Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud is available in both eBook and paperback formats on, and Cynthia Horner & Darryl James Pin Book “Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud”

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